Our mission is to provide high quality products and to
    serve as a community resource for people taking charge
    of their own health and well being. We offer certified
    organic and sustainably wild crafted herbs and herbal
    products, over 100 teas and herbal blends, an array of
    supplies to make healthy body products, as well as
    essential oils, crystals, incense, snacks and super foods,
    and other sundries. We are committed to supporting local
    herbalists by selling their excellent tea blends, tinctures,
    and body care products. Our aim is to educate: we are
    available for questions, have a reference library, and offer
    classes and the services of local professionals on a
    regular basis, as well as through occasional special
    events. Our business is driven by a sense of responsibility
    -- to our customers, to our whole selves, to our community,
    and to our beautiful planet; all of our decisions are mad
    with this web of life kept close to heart and fully in mind.
Tuesday - Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM           413.658.5398         shop@acadiaherbals.com